Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Guinness Book of Records

I'm convinced Kate broke some sort of record yesterday: she dropped her fourth consecutive iPhone down the loo.

I'm less worried about the phone, and more that Maddy's first words to us every morning are 'Baa Baa' - meaning 'Let me play the Baa Baa game on your iPhone now or I'll scream until you both go to work'.

We no longer sleep as well as we used to.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Buckle up

The current morning ritual.
Getting ready to go out in the buggy. With Raffy. No parental involvement required.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

15 weeks tomorrow

And Kate's also off to Dallas tomorrow.
Having been in Barcelona last week.
Don't think for one minute that this sort of absentee parenting is going to be aceptable when there are TWO noise boxes in the house.
Oooooh, no.

Big girl's bed

Last Thursday saw the arrival of Maddy's first bed. And a Conran bed at that (well, Conran for M&S):

It's now had two nights usage.
Night 1: Maddy falls out only the once (we had put down cushions and a duvet on the floor in anticipation).
Night 2: Maddy ends up not just on the floor, but somehow then gets stuck under the bed.
So all in all, it's going really well.
(And yes, we've now ordered a foam bed bumper to try and keep her in the new bed).