Saturday, 26 February 2011

Something's afoot

We popped to John Lewis today to get Maddy's little feet measured.
She was pretty suspicious initially of the nice woman with the plastic contraption:

But she soon got into the swing of things, and before too long, was picking out the most awkwardly placed shoes to try on:

No, those silvery ones on the top shelf.
Needless to say, we didn't find anything that she was happy with. I have to take responsibility for the sartorial faffiness gene.

Friday, 25 February 2011

Signs of political bias

In front of us, Maddy's interaction with the new MacBook Pro has been of the slap and bang variety. But behind our backs, she has clearly been hunting out clips of Harry Enfield's belligerently precocious juvenile politico.

She's already started to adopt Tory Boy's distinctive mannerisms - parental berating a given, of course - with a pronounced 'ppppfffffttttt' at almost every opportunity.
Hailing from Yorkshire, Kate is particularly happy at these early displays of disdain at the world around her. I'm a little more concerned.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

In the presence of greatness

Maddy's been a little poorly over the last 24 hours, so we've been doing what every good neurotic parent would do: sneaking in and out of her room while she's asleep to make sure all is well.
Having not heard a squeak all night (unusual in recent times, what with teething, 3am phone calls from clients in Australia which wake up the whole family etc.) we crept into her room this morning, only to find the following:

Not strictly true that Maddy had transmogrified into an eastern deity, but she was sat up in the corner of her cot, seemingly cross-legged, and playing god with her collection of stuffed animals.
Of course, Maddy's bodily proportions are not dissimilar to that of a buddha, but we are desperately trying to introduce facial exercises into her routine to reduce the size of those cheeks and her adjacent chins.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Unprovoked attack

A lovely afternoon was had by all when Kat and Arthur and Anna and Martha came to visit on Friday. Until, that is, Maddy launched herself at Martha's nose, grabbing it and violently twisting it in a ninja style attack. And whilst we'll always be unsure whether it was driven by malicious intentions, we think it was actually an attempt to use it as a lever to help her stand.
Even at her tender years, Martha has evidently seen much worse as she remained entirely non-plussed by the incident.

Maddy plans her attack on an unsuspecting Martha

Spot the difference

Yes, Maddy's face really is wider than it is long.

Friday, 18 February 2011

We've created a monster

Kate sent this to me and the grandparents yesterday with the title 'Maddy in a year's time'.

You may laugh, but I'm think it's scarily prescient, particularly if Maddy has inherited as many of her mother's genes as I think she has.

Birthday preparations (Part 3)

Turning characteristic grumpiness to one's advantage:

And an unconventional birthday card.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Another record smashed

This week, Maddy started to clap.
According to my (not exactly extensive) research "most babies should be able to clap by 9 months".
Maddy is nearly a year old.
Mensa, here we come.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Out of sight, out of mind

My telephone conversation with Kate on my way into work this morning:
KATE: Was thingy okay with Charlene when you left her?
MATT: Who?
KATE: Charlene.
MATT: No, who's 'thingy' - do you mean Maddy, our daughter?
KATE: Yes, her.

Sunday, 6 February 2011


Ever the competitive one, Kate it currently trying to introduce 'ma-ma' to Maddy's vocal repertoire. Which currently consists only of 'da-da'.
For regular 15 minute slots, Maddy will have 'ma-ma-ma-ma-ma' repeated to her monotonously, while she looks on, vaguely bewildered.
Her response?
*smug fatherly smile*

Like mother, like daughter

It was only a matter of time before Maddy's northern routes began to show themselves.
And sure enough, this morning she managed to sidle her way along the sitting room hearth and straight into the fireplace for a pre-breakfast munch on a lump of coal.

Kate is of course mightily proud, with what she sees as the latest in a long line of family links to the colliery.

Friday, 4 February 2011

When 'TGI Friday' ceases to have meaning

Long gone are the days when I look forward to the weekend as a well-earned 48 hour hiatus in the working week.
It's been a 5.30am wake-up every morning for the last 10 days, and not because of work (I wish), but because when Maddy's up, the rest of the household bloody well should be too.
And given she's planning on staying at home this weekend (despite much encouragement to go elsewhere), the early wake-ups are set to continue.
I said to Kate that I'm more tired than I have been since Maddy was born. She said I was being wet, and obviously can't remember what it was like when we were really knackered.
Thanks for ruining my moment of self-pity, honey.