Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Rhythm and rhyme

One of Maddy's current favourite books is the brilliant Peek-a WHO? by Nina Laden:

However, Maddy hasn't quite grasped the concept of the rhyme that flows through the book.
So we have a cow (Peek-a MOO), a ghost (Peek-a BOO) and even a train (Peek-a CHOO CHOO) but when we get to the mirror (Peek-a YOU) she always exclaims Peek-a MADDY.
This is not a genetic default from the Roskill side, I tell you.

Some time coming

We've been a bit remiss recently when it's come to updating the blog, but we've all had a terrible time of late.
I've been trying (terribly hard) to sell the Volvo.
Kate's been on a terribly strenuous shoot in LA.
And Maddy's been jibber jabbering away, which is terribly tiring.
So we've taken a week off and are on our very own staycation down in Cornwall, for a bit of much needed R&R.
There's even a Cowshed spa around the corner. Although the service is terrible - they said they wouldn't look after Maddy while we were having our 2 hour (each) signature facial and massage combo treatment.